procurement and unfair and excessive prices in goods- Competition Law has the remedy. The TalkComp project aims to bring this law closer to the people. Seldom do consumers realize their power to influence the market in their favor by exercising prudent and informed choices. This is our attempt to achieve that.

Bringing the law closer to the people is just half of the story.  Practitioners of the law need to get involved too, for healthy development of the jurisprudence. Stimulating a discussion at an advanced level about the substance of the law shall go a long way in securing our goal towards raising the awareness about the law in the country.

About the Founders:

Anand Sree and Danish Khan are lawyers practicing Competition Law in India. They have represented litigants before the Competition Commission of India (CCI), Competition Appellate Tribunal and the High Courts. Their experience encompasses various sectors such as real estate, civil aviation, insurance, retail, automobile, energy and pharmaceuticals, dealership agreements etc.

Talking Competition is an initiative by two lawyers passionate about Competition Law. It is the manifestation of the desire to highlight the potential of this law to benefit every section of the society and foster the economic development of the country by improving economic efficiency.

Whether it is the individual consumer facing stringent terms and conditions from the builders; the retail franchisee being harassed by the “big-brother” manufacturer; to bid-rigging in

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Competition matters.  It brings dynamism to our economy.  It means good jobs for our citizens.  It is not merely an economic concept.

                                                  -Compete to Win

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Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people.


                                              -David Sarnoff

About the TalkComp Project

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